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What is $AIDTOKEN?

Aidbit Fundraising Platform is the best place to raise funds in any cryptocurrency, whether you’re an individual, a group, a community, or a business, with the lowest gas and transaction fees, one of the safest non-custodial multi-currency wallets, Token Swap, Automated Market Maker and NFT marketplace down the pipeline, rest assured, you’re partly participating in charities and partly investing.

It’s decentralised, open-source and 100% community led. There are plenty of fundraising/crowdfunding platforms on the internet to help raise funds for many purposes. All the existing platforms are centralized, and have strict regulations in place to make the process of fundraising a bit more challenging. Most of the platforms have their regulations to be followed by all the fundraisers, with many crowdfunding platforms don’t allow users to raise funds for gambling-based, or medical/clinical applications. Aidbit believes that anything credible and important for the public, needs funds, should be able to raise funds in public without facing hard regulations. To solve this issue, Aidbit carries out all of its activities on the blockchain, being completely decentralized.



About the Project

The Journey

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  • 01. Aidwallet under development

    Aidwallet’s decentralised web application is being developed and deployed on the blockchain. Expected alpha testing and auditing starts first week of October.

  • 02. Aidbit Platform’s Conceptualisation

    The platform’s wireframes are being designed as the functional requirements are being fixed with the help of early governance on discord servers.

  • 03. $AIDTOKENs – The native token

    A native token for the platform that gives a user power to govern, maintain, lead the community at the same time invigilate and arbitrate the posts and disputes coming on the fund raising platform.

  • 04. Coin Offering

    About a week long period of Coin offering to raise funds for the further development and management of the project and all it’s application forks.

  • 05. Exchange listing & Aidwallet Deployed

    By the time $AIDTOKENs are listed over multiple exchanges in liquidity pairs with other cryptocurrencies, Aidwallet’s very first decentralised web version is already out with all the pitched features.

  • 06. Aidwallet’s Mobile forks and Platform development

    Aiwallet will be forked out on all iOS and Android based mobile devices. Aidbit Platform’s development can only start after the fund raising for the project, and core development team expansion.

Project Aidbit's Development

  • Phase I

    (September – October)

    Conceptualization & Documentation

    (October – November)

    Aidwallet launch
    & Coin offering

  • Phase II & III

    (November – December)

    Aidwallet on iOS & Android

    (January - February 2022)

    Complete DEX

    (February – March 2022)

    Aidbit's Platform Development & Audits

    (April – May 2022)

    Final tests,bug
    fixes & platform

  • Phase IV & V

    (May – June 2022)

    Platform integration with Aidwallet application

    (August – September 2022)

    Platform updates
    & Governance

    (October 2022 onwards)

    Aidbit’s own NFT Marketplace


Self Hosted ICO

Soft Cap = $300,000

Audited Contract. Safe to use.

Funds Raised
Participate with BNB

Locked for 3 Months

DXS Launch

Soft Cap = $200,000

Funds Raised
Participate with BNB

Locked for 30 Days!

UniCrypt ICO

Soft Cap = $200,000

Sale Successful!

Funds Raised
To be announced

Locked for 1 Year, vested Daily.

The token sale details will be updated regularly. Please keep checking back for more updates or, join the peeps.

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Token Features


Fixed Non Mintable 7 Billion Supply

Creators, Team and Seed Investors – 1,973,590,516.39

For Creators, Development Team & sold in Private Sale Tokens sold to Private Seed Investors are locked for 1 years with Unicrypt's Linear Lock.

ICO/Presale – 2460 Million

$AIDTOKENs to go for sale in 3 stages hosted on different launchpads and platforms at different price points and locking periods.

Exchange Liquidity – 1,677,300,000.00

$AIDTOKENs to go to liquidity pools on exchanges after the funds are raised in the ICO stages.

Marketing & Development – 700 Million

To help raise funds and to support charities. Locked for 1 year with Unicrypt's Linear lock

Marketing & Development – 300 Million

For marketing and development, including airdrops and promos.

Project Milestone Burns – 200 Million

$AIDTOKENs will be burnt with Project Milestones and will be reduced from the total supply. Locked for 1 year with Unicrypt's Linear lock.

ICO Stages and Liquidity Details

Total Available for sale in ICO stages = 2,460,000,000.00 $AIDTOKENs. To be sold in 3 stages on 3 different platforms.

Self Hosted ICO to offer a sale of 1,200 million $AIDTOKENs natively through smart contracts on the Project’s Website. Instant participation with BNB with a very small 90 day locking period.

793,800,000.00 $AIDTOKENs available for liquidity on exchange pool (Pancakeswap v2)

DX Sale Launch to host a sale of 260,000,000.00 $AIDTOKENs on it’s launchpad. Participation with BNB, and purchased tokens are unlocked after 30 days of sale completion.

222,000,000.00 $AIDTOKENs available for liquidity on exchange pool (Pancakeswap v2)

Unicrypt ILO to host a sale of 1,000,000,000.00 $AIDTOKENs on it’s Launchpad. Participants can enter the rounds with UNCL, UNCX, WBNB or BUSD. Tokens to be locked for 1 year with daily vested payouts.

661,500,000.00 $AIDTOKENs available for liquidity on exchange pool (Pancakeswap v2)

Aidbit’s Project details, the ecosystem, roadmap and token distribution:

Read Whitepaper

Core Team


(Founder and Creator)

Full Stack Web Application Developer, I’m also pretty good with solidity smart contracts and ReactJS. I love designing in my free time, from Image Manipulation using Photoshop/Gimp/Inkscape to Vector designing and wireframes for applications. Also founded a registered e-commerce company.


(Co-Founder and Marketing Director)

A successful MBA student, I founded 2 privately registered successful companies in Melbourne, Australia. My selling skills brought me a successful e-commerce business with stores running on multiple platforms and my technical knowledge helped me create an Online Marketing business helping over 42 clients all over Australia. I love fast cars and cruiser bikes, that’s what I live for. I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies for over 5 years and recently started playing around in the crypto space with dapps and NFTs. I’m always pumped to work in the space.


(Core Team Developer)

Hi! I’m a full-stack web developer for Aidbit however, I wanted to grow as a writer, by chance I am a developer. I design web pages, put in the content, connect the APIs, manage the backends and also do dropshipping in my free time through my own website, which is great. I address SQL databases, MongoDB, PHP, Asp.Net and also have experience with Python Development. I’m additionally implementing API integrations in Aidwallet Mobile Application. I believe "Who earns in billions can teach you how to strike there, who have nothing can prepare you not to be like that, collectively anything can work, although requisite can make a difference".


(Core Team Developer and Social Media Marketing)

I’m actually an Electronics Engineer but I’ve been learning Java and Python and developing mobile applications as a hobby. I have two lame applications on Android and iOS playstore made on Flutter running Google Admob to give me passive income everytime you hit download for your lame purposes. Here I am, designing a logical exchange and wallet application. Totally weird.


Documentation and Social Media Marketing

I’m just another hospitality and hotel management student but got pretty good with Social Media Marketing and Management over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a freelancer. I’ve managed to secure high ratings on a freelance platform successfully helping many clients with traffic generation, sales conversion and gaining social media presence through likes, shares and follows. In my free time, I use Illustrator to sketch vector designs, sometimes I put out freelance gigs for the same. Before sleep, I game hard and dream about money.


(Engineering and Documentation)

I’m a software engineer by profession in an energy company. I’ve been working on cloud-based ERP and CRM systems. At Aidbit, I help to conceptualise, diagramming and documenting the platform and its components to make it easy for developers, governors, and all the peeps to get acknowledged. Technology, Sports and Politics are my favourites. I spend my free time mostly listening to my favourite podcasts, reading books, or engaging socially on Twitter or clubhouse to host my own debate groups.

Our Advisors


(Project Director and Legal)

I come from Finance and Real Estate Background. Expertised in Valuation and Financial services after graduation but 9-5 was never my cup of tea. The drive for financial freedom landed me in the Crypto Industry and now we are here. Full-time HODLer


(Marketing and Community Awareness)

I am an Electronic and Communication Engineer. Initially, I started my career as a sales executive and stock manager as I have good skills in marketing and communication. Then became manager in a well known private company. I have been active in the stock market and cryptocurrency for over 5 years. I am a strong believer in the future of digital cryptocurrency and creating wealth together through Aidbit.

Team Audit and KYC in progress.


October 02, 2021


Starting Time: FRI OCT 01 2021 23:11:00 GMT+1000 (AUSTRALIAN EASTER STANDAR TIME)

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